What is Live Roulette?

Roulette is another fun table game that enjoys its greatest popularity in online casinos throughout the planet. Spinsville Live Casino offers you the same experience that you'd expect to find in any land-based casino where you'll be able to interact with Live Dealers, but we take that experience to the comfort of your home.

Just as you'd expect our Live dealers will announce when you can "Place Your Bets" and on the bottom left corner of the screen you'll find a timer that indicates exactly when your bets can be placed and how much time you have to place them.

How to Play Live Roulette.

To place your wagers you must select the value of the chip that you would like to bet, once you know the chip amount simply tap the number (s) or any of the locations on the Roulette Layout. When betting on the roulette table you'll find that there are two categories of bets: Inside bets and Outside bets. Inside bets are those plays that are placed directly on numbered fields, between two or at the corner of three or four numbers. Outside bets are those plays that are placed outside the numbered fields where you can bet on ranges of numbers or on another aspect of numbers. All table limits are visible in the casino lobby.

Before all bets are off, you will still have the ability to add (while not going over the table limit) or remove bets from the table. You can either remove all bets by tapping on the "Clear Bets" button or Tap on the "Undo Last" button which will remove the most recent bet placed. You'll also be able to tap the "Re-Bet" button if you want to place the exact same bets you had in your previous game, and if you tap to activate the "Auto Re-bet" checkbox this will conveniently Re-Bet the currently placed bets until you un-select it or if you tap on the "Clear Bets" button. You'll also have full control over the video, its volume and all other features simply by tapping the screen which will display the audio/video controls.

What can I expect to experience when playing at Spinsville?

When playing at Spinsville Live Casino you'll experience the best personal interaction just like you would in any land-based casino. You can strike up a conversation with the dealer or any other player at the table simply by typing in our user friendly chat. You can also Tip the dealer when you win big by tapping on the chip value you'd like to tip and tapping on the tip slot, try it out!

Your account balance, current bet amount and last win are displayed at the very top of the game. The balance is updated across all the live games you may have open.

Enjoy a new generation of live online games and - Good luck!


  • In the event of human misdeals or a technical problem of any kind, the game will be void and the original bets will be returned to players.
  • In the event that you lose connectivity during the live game, any bets you have made on the table will remain in play as they would in a land based casino. You will either win or lose based on the result of the game at the time you lost connection.
  • Professional and systematic players are prohibited. If you are found to be a professional player your account is subject to immediate closure.