What is Online Blackjack?

Thanks to the wide popularity of blackjack, the online version of the game has already become a classic choice and for all kinds of players. There are numerous options when you play online. You can play for free and start testing and adjusting your strategy, or hit the real money tables and play all kinds of variations and limits.

Online casinos such as Spinsville have different versions available. Players can access our online Blackjack game on flash and play right on their laptop or desktop browser, or use the mobile version or online casino app and enjoy the same fun straight on your tablet or mobile device. The fun never stops at Spinsville. Games can be accessed 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and you can always get assistance from our support staff.

Start Playing Blackjack Online at Spinsville.com

There's no reason to miss the fun. Playing Blackjack at Spinsville is completely safe, and any money transactions are encrypted for additional security. When it comes to online blackjack, we can say we have the best selection of games featuring state of the art graphics and animations, steady connection, and the very latest in games software. Every game and feature is integrated in a single and easy to navigate platform so customers can access what they need with a single click of the mouse.

History of Blackjack

There are different versions that explain how the game was originated, but many casino game historians agree that the origins of Blackjack lie in an old French casino game known as Vingt-et-un (21 in French)

The game became highly popular in countries such as France and Spain, and was eventually brought to America during the colony. The popularity of the game grew after a few years, although, the game rules were a bit different in its beginning.

For example, the Blackjack hand was paid out at the same amount as other winning hands, only the dealer could double, and there was a betting round between the two initial cards you receive at the start of the game. It wasn't until the first years of the XX century that some of these rules were amended and changed. A few years later, house-banked blackjack was established in Nevada, and casinos agreed on awarding a better payout for the Blackjack hand, making the game even more popular among casino players.

With the advent of all the technological advances we have seen over the last decades, the game has now moved to other platforms. First online, and then to mobile devices. These options provide better accessibility and a wider range of online Blackjack variants that are now available to play no matter where the location or what time you want to play.

Game Rules

No matter the number of players sit at the Blackjack table, you always play against the dealer. The objective of the game is fairly simple. You begin each hand by selecting the amount you want to bet (Chips and values are displayed on the main screen of the game). Then you have to place your bet on the designated spot on the screen and hit Deal when you are ready to get your cards. The player is dealt two cards; one face up and one face down.

Next, you decide on your next move. You can either hit (receive another card from the dealer) or stand (keep the hand with no changes). Pairs (8-8, 6-6, Q-Q, etc.) can be Split in order to make two separate hands with two separate bets. Players will only see the available options displayed on the screen, so it's easy to figure out the next move, even if you're a new player to online blackjack.

The card values are as follows: Cards 2-10 are valued after the denomination of each card. Face cards such as the King, Queen, and Jack are valued at 10 each. The Ace card, however, is a special card and which be valued either at 11 or 1.

The player always have the first move, and once you've completed a round without going bust, it is time for the dealer to play the next round. When the dealer's completed his round, the two hands are compared and to win. The best hand, which is the one closer to 21, wins.

The best possible hand you can get is Blackjack, which is a combination of one ace (A) and a face card (J, Q, K) or a 10. This hand awards the highest payout of 3:2. If both hands finish in a push or draw, the player will get his/her stake returned to the bankroll.

Strategy and Tips

There is no magic formula or a secret strategy that can make you win each and every time you play. Although, there are tips that can help you understand the game's logic and give you a better perspective of how to turn odds in your favor.

So check the following list of recommendations and:

Never say NO to a bonus:

Free cash is never a bad thing. Some players don't like bonuses, but there are many ways to use some extra cash on your favor. No matter the amount, a bonus means extra funds, a bigger bankroll, and more chances to hit a great prize. Now, bonuses vary and the offer changes depending on your status, action, etc. There are welcome bonuses, reloads, special bonuses on specific game titles, match bonuses, etc.

So yeah, bonuses are great, but they also carry rules, restrictions and other stuff you should know about, so always make sure you read the rules and inform yourself before you accept the terms.

Do not Burn Your Bankroll:

Every deposit you make should be seen as an investment. No matter how much you deposit and play, you should know how to manage your bankroll. First, you have to put limits and decide how much you want to spend every time you play. You also have to decide how to manage your winnings and create a plan. There are many guides online and sites that explain how to make the best use of your funds, but no matter what strategy you decide to pick, you always have to be consistent and make sure that you follow it.

Always be informed:

Perhaps the most important tip we can give to any player is to read, learn and understand the rules, bonus restrictions and site regulations before you start playing. Knowing your game, and understanding the rules allow you to make fast and informed decisions. In addition, you minimize the risk of burning your bankroll and concentrate on what matters the most – having a good time!

Game Buttons:

There's more than one choice when you play Blackjack online. Here's a quick review of the available buttons you will see when you sit at our blackjack tables.


This button initiates the action once the best are placed.

Double/Double Down:

This button allows players to place an additional bet (for the same amount as the initial wager) and draw one more card to see the outcome. Please note this option is available the start of a game with the two initial cards.


This option allows the player to receive another card from the dealer in a way to try improve the hand. Although, this option carries some risk since player can go bust!


Players can take insurance against the dealer hitting blackjack and only lose half of their bet when this happens.


Players can split pairs to make two separate hands to play during that round. All they need to do is to click this button, which is going to indicate the player when the option is available. Please note that if you split cards, your second hand will carry another wager for the same amount as the initial bet.


This means you want to keep your hand as it is and you don't want to receive another card. If you select this option, the dealer gets his/her cards and both hands will be compared. If your hand beats the dealer's, you will receive a payout.


This button allows you to make a bet using the same stake.

Blackjack Glossary

To help you get started at the tables, we've compiled a basic glossary that will help you understand some of the basic and most commonly used terms so you can hit the felt with confidence.


This refers to the total funds you have available in your Real Money account.


The amount you are risking on a specific wager.

Betting Limits:

Maximum and minimum amount you can bet on a game.


The combination of one ace (A) and a 10 or a face card (J-Q-K). This is the best possible hand you can get with a payout of 3:2.


This means that the total value of your hand has exceeded 21 points. Example: Q-3-10

Bust Card:

The card that tips your hand over the limit of 21 points and makes you go bust. Example: You start the hand with 6-8 and select "DEAL". The next card is a 9, taking the total value of your hand to 23.


When the player and the dealer have matching hands or a different combination with the same hand value. When the hand is a draw, the stake of your original bet is returned to your bankroll.

Even Money:

This refers to any winning bet that matches your initial bet amount and that pays out a return of 1:1 (or equal to the original bet).

Hole Card:

The card that is dealt face down.


Another way for "bet". When you play free money games, you play with virtual credits. But when you take the next step and play real money games, you use your bankroll to place wagers and challenge the house for the chance to win real cash.

Now that You Know More about Blackjack, Open an Account and Play for Real Money!

Taking your black jack game to the next level is as simple as making a cash deposit and get ready for some real action. All you need to do is to is hit any of the "Join Now" buttons on the site, fill up a quick form and make sure you complete the required fields. Once you've read and understood the terms and conditions, click the Create button to activate your account.

The final step will be adding funds to your account. Simply go to the Cashier and pick the deposit method that suits you the best, specify the amount you are looking to deposit, and follow the instructions to complete the transaction. Once the money shows available in your account balance, you can start playing for real cash. You can also ask for a special promo or bonus and boost your bankroll. Spinsville has a wide range of bonuses available – so make sure to check out our bonus page for further details. Don't forget to join our newsletter to stay informed about the latest promos and bonuses right in your inbox.